We are always busy. We are so busy that we forget to stop and take a few deep breaths. We are constantly striving for the next achievement, trying to reach our next goal or at least getting one step closer to it. And very often we do so in order to be the best version of ourselves – which is basically a good thing! But far too often we are so occupied with striving to be or do our best that we forget to just be ourselves right now.

Of course, this all leads into the direction of mindfulness and “living in the moment” and surely is closely associated. But if our only aim now would be to do it all – in a perfect way of course – AND to make sure we’re always mindful about it, well… This would be ideal, but not at all realistic (or desirable for that matter). And it also really isn’t my point here. What I’m trying to make you aware of guys is, that sometimes taking a step back and just pausing for a moment, can do wonders. It can do wonders to your emotional state, your physical sensation, your mindfulness and your relationship with yourself. Because, how could you possibly be the best version of yourself if you don’t even know who you really is? And in order to know who you are, I feel like it’s a necessity to deal with your wishes, desires, plans and ideas first. Get to know yourself, as if you were meeting a new person! Ask yourself how you are, what is going on in your life, what your priorities are, how you feel about your current situation, what you like doing, etc. because those things direct the way you’re heading!

Sure, this sounds like a very radical approach to – yourself (and it certainly makes sense to set your priorities this way from time to time). But even only doing so for a few minutes each day, can make a huge difference. Checking in with yourself gives you the freedom to be brutally honest about everything – because the only person caring about it is you – also the most important person. So, why don’t you try to take a couple of minutes to just sit down, have a cup of coffee, tea or whatever and just breathe. Breathe consciously and ask yourself these questions. I’m sure the real you appreciates your attention as much as everybody else, maybe even more.

Sometimes of course, I feel like those few minutes just don’t really do it. I would still feel restless and stressed or unhappy or sometimes also just kind of – uncomfortable. It can be as subtle as that. But very often, only when I really start investing some time in myself I realise how badly I actually needed it. And I guess, we all do. So, if I have a day on which I feel like I need some extra attention from myself I look at my schedule and look for the next possible timeout I can plan in. As I mentioned earlier, I tend to oversee the first hints of me needing some time off because I’m just so busy. But that means that by the time I finally do realise, I need to make this me-time happening soon. And it gives me so much! It is so worth it.

How you spend this time – whether you like to read, pamper yourself, bath in the sun, draw/paint, write or simply do nothing – is totally individual. I feel like there is no right or wrong thing to do. Because ultimately, it ought to support you and your needs (whatever they are at this very moment). Sometimes this takes me 15 minutes, sometimes an hour. Of course, one could argue that there isn’t enough time to schedule in this time – but how would you explain this logic to your car if you’re saying that there isn’t enough time to refuel? How could you keep going? Not at all. That’s the point. It might sound like an extra amount of time you have to find somewhere in your busy schedule, but really it’s more kind of resetting your priorities right. Because me-time is super-important! You are super-important! Take the time, recharge, and then go stronger than before again.

So, that’s what I try to remind myself of regularly and what I find helped me a lot in terms of focus, priorities, self-love and happiness. Now I’m curious, what are your strategies to stay balanced and happy when the daily chaos threatens to take its toll?



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