I’m currently on a weekend getaway. I just left my daily routine and drove further north for three days. And it’s so nice! I’m currently sitting at the breakfast table (done with breakfast already though, no multi-tasking) and writing this. There is nothing I need to get done today and there is nowhere I need to go. I can just do whatever I want. I could even stay in the apartment all day! Of course, I won’t do that – the weather is surprisingly nice outside so, I’ll make the best of it. It’s such a freeing feeling!

I’m being in an area I have been to very often in my life so far – I connect a lot of childhood memories with this place. And it gives me an instant calmness. It’s a rather sleepy place in Germany and since it’s Sunday today, it’s even sleepier. But that’s exactly what I need. I’m sure some of you can totally relate to this – just breaking out of the everyday madness. To some calm and peaceful surroundings. Oh, and since it’s autumn the leaves are all golden, red and orange – looking absolutely fabulous in the sunshine. Okay, by now I’m quite sure I’ll go for a walk – like, now. Have a great day everybody!



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