Inspiration vs. Obsession

Nowadays we follow so many inspirational people on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or social media in general that you would expect we’re very inspired and therefore improving a lot personally. But unfortunately, often enough that’s not the case:

With social media we are presented those idols and hugely successful (at least in our eyes) people every single day and some of us actually feel more to be under pressure  than inspired by this. Because of course, if we aim to become a second version of that person, we’ll inevitably fail. It’s impossible to become somebody else, because we’re all born different and as unique individuals! And that’s a good thing. But therefore, naturally, if our admiration for someone exceeds a certain (healthy) limit, we become obsessed and in the long run  ourselves along the way. We get so caught up in imitating this person’s life (or try to do our best to get close to it), that we tend to totally give up on our own existence and needs. Because we feel like they’re doing it right and obviously, if we do it the same way we’ll see the same results, right? A + B = C.

Well, as you might have figured out yourself already, that’s not the case. It’s true for certain things – if you work hard you’ll eventually get a pay-off in one way or another – but a lot of things in our lives are multifactorial and therefore not as easy to influence as we want them to be. So, you don’t become a supermodel, a very well-known blogger or a hugely successful business woman only because you try to imitate somebody else’s career path. The same goes for health and other personal issues. You become the most successful version of yourself by working with what you have and who you are. That’s your base! And all those inspirational people you admire so much, should be exactly that – inspirational. It’s totally okay, fun and even a chance to follow these people – don’t get me wrong. But add the right bits and pieces of information, wisdom and inspiration to your life (not add their life to your life, because that obviously doesn’t work).

Use the Inspiration you collect to your advantage and not as a burden! It’s so much more fun! A post about the How to will follow soon… stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Inspiration vs. Obsession

  1. I think a lot of obsession also comes from envy. At least, that’s what I experience, when I see those “perfect” lives that many people on instagram display. “Why can’t I be like this?” – “Why can’t I see my friends and do beautiful brunches every weekend?”
    But we also have to learn that what we see is exactly that – only what they want us to see. We don’t see them brushing their teeth, doing their taxes or grocery shopping. And we need to remind ourselves that a life can be exciting, but it can never be //only// exciting.

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