Let’s put one thing straight first: Perfection does not exist. So, stop chasing it!

We’re wasting so much time and energy on trying to be perfect – in terms of our appearance, our actions, who we talk to, what we like on social media, who we befriend, our priorities in life really. And why all that? Because we are confronted with perfection every single day. We see it, we hear it, we experience it, we live it and therefore we cultivate it. And no, I’m not just talking about social media here – this is something affecting us in digital but also in real life. We’re under such an immense pressure nowadays. Each one of us is met with so many expectations and requests – on a daily base – that it can easily become overwhelming. It’s something I have started to pay more attention about – who imposes what kind of expectations on me and what meaning and value I give it. And honestly, it’s rather shocking and distressing. I waste so much energy by trying to meet those expectations – even from people I should not give as much power over my energy resources (because they simply do not deserve them) – that I don’t have enough power left to invest in what really matters to me. But thinking about it, now gives me the opportunity to restructure my priorities – and hopefully, have more time and energy left for myself and the actually important people in my life. And I know, I’m not alone with this problem.


I personally know quite a lot of people – and see even more people every day – being caught up in the same rat race. I would even argue that the vast majority of people is participating! And that’s such a pity! So, let’s shed some light on all those misconceptions about what our lives are supposed to look like:

We spend so much time scrolling through endless, perfectly curated feeds on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all other kinds of social media accounts. We get so hooked on all the good-looking things and the people living those perfect lives – that sometimes, it  turns into obsession. But you know what? Those beautiful and successful people you follow – they’re probably not happier than you are. It’s true. Every oh-so-perfect person has flaws – even if you can’t notice them at first sight. And everybody is dealing with them somehow – some can’t be bothered to hide them, others have developed the art of covering them up to perfection. We see what those people want us to see – perfectly arranged breakfast tables, chic clothes, flawless skin, fabulous photos, happy faces, all-year-round travelling and loads of luxurious stuff. What we can’t see is the mess in the kitchen, the heavy make-up, the arrangements and the setting for the photo-session, the post-shoot improvements (aka Photoshop), the money (and sometimes even debt), the time it all takes and the doubts. Because that’s the other side of the medal! There is such  a lot of effort being put into those IG-worthy pictures to make them look perfect – because that’s what it takes: Hard work! So, every time you see a picture and think “oh, I wish I could have this or look like that” remember: You probably could – if you spent enough time, energy and money on it. But since that’s not realistic (regularly) in most cases, make it clear to yourself that this obviously isn’t what you should be striving for (or what you really want). Make your life better and yourself happier by setting realistic goals and find your own version of perfect (including your flaws)!

So, perfect means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. What we personally call perfect, is when something is flawless (read: not featuring our flaws) – because that’s what we’re most aware of and where our insecurities lie. And they’re all different. And everybody is trying to reach perfection in a different way. Conclusion: It becomes obvious that perfection – in a common sense of the word – doesn’t exist. And since nobody is perfect – don’t waste your time trying to be. Just be instead. It’s a far happier approach to life and so much worthier your time.

Let me know your stories or comments in the comment section below or send me a message!



Photos by Lars Karlsson


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