Coffee Issues 2.0

Finally, here comes the promised update to my coffee-detox-experiment: My original challenge was to drink a maximum of one cup of brew a day. So, I started with that and failed miserably. The first two days went well, but after that I unconsciously got back to having two regularly. When I finally realised that my so-called coffee-detox wasn’t even really happening, my first thought was to give it up all together – because why the heck did I even want to compromise to this challenge? Silly me. But then of course, I had made my challenge official and promised you an update – so, you guys made me stick to it and give it another shot (what irony). This time I decided to choose a more drastic approach – also to make sure I would notice any differences if there were any – no coffee at all. Quitting cold turkey. Here is what happened:

The first few days were crazy. Believe me, I did not expect it to be that hard. I was craving coffee constantly – and felt like a complete addict (which I obviously was). I had some very serious coffee issues, even though I wasn’t by far the heaviest coffee consumer I knew. But I even caught myself making up excuses in my head in order to go and grab a cup of coffee somewhere (and how it was okay because [fill blank]). I mean, what?! But I didn’t give in and I didn’t let myself convince me to give up. But that was harder than you might think – discipline guys!

Eventually (thankfully), things got easier and after about 3-4 days my mind calmed down a little. And then, all of a sudden, I had no cravings for coffee anymore at all. It was just gone. I didn’t even feel attracted to coffee anymore. It was more in a habitual context  that I would consider having one – for example when going out with friends in the afternoon or while studying. But knowing my alternatives, it was easy to tweak the habit. Furthermore, I felt fresh and balanced during the day – even in the mornings – and not exhausted or tired at all. This is surely also thanks to catching enough Zzzs, but I felt like getting rid of the caffeine dependency came a long way too. It also made me drink more water, which is another good thing (always, even though I already drank enough before).

DSC_1083_2Now, I’m sitting in a cosy little coffee shop, having some precious me-time and I’m enjoying a super-delicious cup of coffee – pitch-black of course. And yes, today I broke with the challenge. But that’s okay. My take-home message from the whole experiment? I’ll have a cup of black deliciousness every now and then – which will probably make me cherish those moments and that very cup even more. But for the rest of the time I’ll stick to the no-coffee approach. It’ll do a favour to my body and my wallet. Win-Win!




Have you ever considered being your own little guinea pig (I can only recommend it) or already done so? Let me know what you think or if you have any more questions – I’d be more than happy to answer them!






2 thoughts on “Coffee Issues 2.0

  1. I have tried to do this so many times but have totally given up. I have too much of it daily and enjoy it a lot so I guess I’ll live with it forever haha

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