Headspace – How to Turn Your Brain into a Cotton Ball

Meditation is not the same as being mindful. Did you know that? I’ve only just realised this lately. But both words have been hyped so much over the past few months, that people have started using them as synonyms – even though the difference is essential! So, what is it? And how can it bring great value to your life?

Roughly summarised: Being mindful means to live in the moment and actively interact with your environment and yourself at this very moment (not the topic of today’s post). Meditating on the other hand, means to create this little bubble for yourself, where you can calm down, take a break, sharpen your focus and feel refreshed afterwards.

Both of those topics could be discussed endlessly (obviously, since there are so many blogs, YouTube channels, etc. dedicated to those issues), but today I would like to focus on meditation particularly – and my own experiences with it.

First of all: I’m not one of those people who can sit in one place for ages, do nothing and just be. On the contrary, I like to always be active and productive – like a little machine. And that’s the point – my brain is like a little battery, constantly working, imagining and getting excited about inspirational things. But as you know, every machine can reach a point at which the engine starts smoking or gets dangerously hot – a point at which you would naturally consider slowing down a little. So, why don’t we do this with our brains?

About a year ago, I discovered the Headspace app and concept. It was at a time when life was very busy and all my previous experiments with getting into meditation had failed miserably. But when I heard somebody talking about this new and amazing app (Headspace), which seemed to be working even for busier brains – I decided to give it another (one last) shot. Thankfully. First, it does cost quite a bit – but since the first ten sessions are free, you can give it a try first without potentially wasting any money. Furthermore, by subscribing you enable them to provide a subscription for free – to people who couldn’t afford it otherwise.

Anyway, I tried. And it’s just brilliant, really! It’s so easy really, you can choose between guided and unguided and how long you would like your session to be (I normally do 10 minutes). Plus there are several different packages you can do (with focus on specific areas). There is something for everybody. And everybody has 10 minutes every now and then. Watch less TV or reduce your time on social media – and invest in yourself! This post is not supposed to be an advertisement (even though he’s voice is intriguing… it’s not sponsored anyway), but it’s something I would very much like to share with you because it added so much value to my life! For example, it was this morning that I realised I had forgotten about it over last couple of weeks – and I could literally feel how much I missed those sessions. So, back on track!


But what’s even more important: All those meditation apps (including Headspace) are just tools. They help you – each one by its own strategy – to gain this momentum of focus and calmness. Feel your brain become a little fuzzy and relax. If you’re like me, rather being on the busier side of life, and you really do manage to dive into this head-space – you’ll experience this incredibly special and awesome sensation. It’s hard to describe really – and probably different for everybody. But for me it’s as if my brain turned into a cotton ball – so fluffy and light! So, just giving my brain and myself this little break and enjoy the lightness – gives me an instant boost for the day. And maybe it can do the same for you?

It’s ten minutes. It’s totally underestimated. But it’s so worth it. Find it out yourself! Give it a shot today, because why not? Find an app that works for you (don’t hesitate to try several) and just get started. And of course, let me know about your experiences and thoughts on this!



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