How to Stay Healthy & in Shape Over the Holidays

Christmas is on our doorsteps! It’s only a few more days, before we’ll get all caught up in feasting, relaxing and enjoying life to the fullest – awesome. But wouldn’t it be even more awesome, if we could have all the fun, all the food and still look fabulous when emerging the holidays? Of course, it would! And that’s easier attainable than you might think – all it takes is a little moderation and self-control about 80% of the time (estimated). So, here is how it works:

  1. The delicious festive meals

Eat them! Seriously, there is no reason (unless medically indicated) why you shouldn’t enjoy the yummy food this season brings. There is only one thing: Have a bit (!) of everything. And even though in moderation sounds restricting at first – let’s be honest: Being overly full has never felt very great has it? So, instead of stuffing yourself, why not having a delicious meal and feel good about it afterwards? It’s worth it. To double-check whether you’re going overboard, try checking in and ask yourself regularly whether you’re still hungry. If not really, have a break. Also, try not to eat all the cookies and sweets yourself okay?

  1. Get those Colours

Those Christmas meals might be heavenly tasty, but often enough they’re not exactly the most nutritious or vitamin-loaden choice. So, make sure to be aware of this and slip in a carrot or two or some salad in between the big meals. Since the meals don’t provide enough vitamins, go get’em yourself! Not only will your conscience thank you but also your body and immune system (already occupied enough with all the festive drinks).

  1. Keep moving

Stay active, go for a walk or run the next morning, take your dog out for a little longer than just around the block, fit in a proper sweat session and keep yourself feeling alive! You might not feel like doing so at first, but it’s definitely worth overcoming the laziness. You’ll be surprised how much fresher you’ll feel!

  1. Drink plenty of water

Since you might be drinking a lot of beverages that are not water – your body will be very busy getting done with all of it. So, do it a favour and compensate the water loss with drinking plenty of plain water (or add some lemon or ginger if you like) or tea. Best chug a big glass of water before you go to bed and have the next one right after getting up.

  1. Get some Zzzs

Even the wildest of all party animals need to get some rest and sleep at some point. So, make sure to get yours too! It’s the time when you’re parasympathic system is in charge and helps your body get done with all the goodies in your stomach & gut, recover, restore and make you look presentable the next day. Big Plus: You’ll feel much better and can enjoy the following days even more!


And now, I wish you a very happy and pleasant festive season and hope you therewith have the tools to make it a lasting positive experience! I’ll keep posting over the holidays (maybe not every Thursday and Sunday but regularly) so, stay tuned!



Photos by Lars Karlsson



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