How Reading can Transform Your Life – Believe it or not

Have you ever read a book that changed your life? I’m sure you have. Because I’m not only talking about drastic changes, but also about small ones – small adjustments of how we see the world around us or how it makes us feel. And this has certainly happened to everyone who ever dived into the world of books.

To be honest, I have neglected books (other than science books) over the past few years. Simply because I didn’t have much time and when I did have time, I chose to spend it on other things I enjoyed (and yes, some mindless and endless puppy videos on YouTube included). But slowly but surely, I’m coming to the realisation that maybe – it’s about time I start reading again. I feel like it might benefit me quite a lot actually.

When I was younger, I would eat books. I had my own little library with over a hundred books and I had read all of them! I was what one would call a bookworm, I suppose. And it brought me so much joy! I loved being carried away into different universes and live my life full of fantasies.

But the older I got, the less I had time to read the books I would choose – and my teachers at school (German & English) didn’t quite share my taste of books. The “problem” wasn’t even so much the genre, but also the writer’s styles. So, the books we started reading pushed me off track really.

Most of them were very abstract (my German teacher definitely had a very special taste) or boring.

But the more educated I got about literature and famous writers, the more I felt like I needed to read all of those seemingly mind-blowing, life- and history changing books. Obviously, not all of them fascinated me equally – and after a few disappointing ones in a row, I simply lost interest. Sadly. I started focusing on other things and at some point, all I read was magazines really (there are good quality magazines too!).


And that’s been going for years now. There were moments when I gave it another try – but it was mostly about trying to get onto the general knowledge about the essentials of literature bandwagon again. Which obviously didn’t suddenly bring me more joy than before.

Therefore, let me set one thing straight here: There are so many different genres, styles and books – the variety is endless. And there are many classics I absolutely love (what’s a classic even?), but also a few, which I didn’t really get hooked on. Because, it’s all about taste, isn’t it?

But this Christmas I got a book. From my grandma. It’s called You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. And I’ve instantly felt this longing for finally touching a book again – funny, isn’t it? So, I’ll definitely give this one a try! Because now that I’m thinking about it – every time I finished a marvellous book, I felt very inspired and energized. And I feel like that’s what really good books are written for – to transform your perspective on the world, make you think and help you grow (in whatever way possible). So, missing out on all those opportunities would be quite a pity, wouldn’t it? Therefore: Books at the ready – and – GO! Go and get your inspiration and energy kick, NOW! It’s never too late to start again.

What books have inspired you lately? And what kind of books do you like reading the most? Let me know in the comments or message me, I love to hear from you!



Photos by Lars Karlsson

3 thoughts on “How Reading can Transform Your Life – Believe it or not

  1. I love science-summarising books the most at the moment. When I was little I used to read every novel that involved romance or fantasy or badass heroines.

    In the last few years I’ve discovered a love for books that talk about interesting discoveries, studies, theories and world history. There’s SO much out there.

    I think the problem is that when we were little almost everything we read we liked. We hadn’t broadened our horizons as much yet and we didn’t have a critical eye. Nowadays, almost every second book I pick up I don’t like… It’s a shame and sometimes very discouraging. But just keep looking, reading and if you ever need a tip on what to read next, you know who to ask. 😉

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