How to Choose Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year guys!

I hope you all arrived safely, happy and with a positive attitude in 2018. And as every year, the beginning of a new year fills us with newly won optimism and the urge to finally get down to all the things we want to achieve. So, there are three words gaining great popularity again this January: New Year’s resolutions.

Not all of us make a list (mentally or physically), but most of us have ideas and plans for the year coming – and far too often (let’s be honest), they’re not realistic goals but overwhelming expectations. Unfortunately! Because the energy boost is real and could as well be turned into real things, if only we started to make them realistic and achievable. Nobody else cares about those goals – you’re only setting them for yourself. So, set them in a way you can actually acquire them. Therefore you need three things:

Real intention: Choose your goals and choose them wisely. You want to achieve them so, don’t put things on your list that you feel you’re supposed to put there – but which aren’t actually in your personal interest. For example, if you feel like you should probably lose some weight and put it on the list – that’s not sufficient. Either you’re happy with your body already (in which case this goal would be nonsense) or you need to come to the clear realisation that now is the time to start this project for real. The same goes for a lot of other things (sports, spending less time in front of the TV, read more, visit your family more often, eat healthier, etc.) and the principle stays the same: Either you really want it or leave it.

Realistic Goals: Once you’ve chosen the things you would like to change or improve – don’t just let this general idea be your plan. Because it isn’t a plan – it’s only an idea. Instead, start working out the plan behind your ideas and make them more realistic and attainable. For example, if we’re talking about the idea of “I want to exercise more often” – writing it down is a start, but it will hardly get you there because it’s far too vague. Instead try to define some more details like: How often would you like to train? What kind of exercise do you enjoy or which one would you like to give a try? How can you best incorporate this into your daily life? What’s your motivation? Do you have a workout buddy? Is my plan attainable? Whether it is exercise or something else, setting realistic goals is key to achieving them. Because that’s what you want, right?

Number of Goals: Having a list of twenty things might look like you’re up to something. But if you’re spreading your attention and intention on so many things at the same time, you’ll hardly be able to really focus on what’s important to you. I usually slim my list down to about five points – a mix of small and bigger things. Because after all, if you’d have achieved all your goals by Mai already – nobody is going to hold you back from celebrating yourself and simply making a new list!

img_0551.jpgAnd now, I wish you a powerful and fresh start with your goals and dreams. I hope you’ll make them come true – you can do this! Let me know what you’re up to in the comments or send me a message via e-mail or IG.



One thought on “How to Choose Reasonable New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Absolutely true, great points and great examples! I would of course recommend working with a Bullet Journal to keep track of everything, because obsessions and all that. 😉

    I also think a monthly revisit on how you did the past few weeks can help tackle problem areas.

    Lovely photos, as always! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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