Competition vs. Mutual Support

Working life or studying is tough (both in its own way, depending on the circumstances). But what really annoys me are those fellow students still treating each other like components instead of supporting each other. Why even? And the same goes for all kind of people in all kind of situations where they can choose between those two options: Competition or mutual (!) support.

I feel like nowadays – in today’s society – we grow up seeing life as a competition. And that’s not even wrong – it has already used to be like this thousands of years ago! But there is a significant difference between now and then: Today we turn everything into a competition, whether or not our survival depends on it. For some people that’s just fun, others get completely burnt out by it. So, there is quite a wide range of side-effects coming with it. And I feel like there is a tendency for the fun part to be far smaller than the overwhelming part – not always, but competing 24/7 is exhausting for everybody at some point. And that’s why we have to deal with an increasing number of over-worked, burnt out and anxious people every year! It’s madness.

Mostly because – as I pointed our earlier – most of the time, this isn’t about pure survival anymore. We waste so much time and energy on meaningless things, trying to live up to expectations that are not even realistic or not at all what we truly want. And the things we do truly want, we can’t get to because we are too tired already. And because we’re standing alone while everybody around us is trying to win the rat race. This sounds so idiotic, even just writing this now. And it raises some questions: What makes us even join this rat race in the first place? And what if we pulled on the same rope or tried to lift each other up instead of tearing us down? What would our world look like this way?


I personally feel, we could all achieve so much more if we could count on each other’s support. Because giving a little now and then doesn’t hurt anyone and won’t cost me much time or effort. But to somebody else’s life, this could have the game changing impact! And imagine if you were being supportive one day and the other you would need some help yourself – wouldn’t it be great to be mutually supported by others? It’s not about doing the work for somebody else – but adding small, missing bits maybe. Or share thoughts to improve existing ideas. Help to shape projects. Or simply make somebody feel better about what they do by showing your support. It’s not so hard. So, I would really like to ask you to pay a little more attention to the people around you and invest a little more in a stronger community – it’s so worth it! And you get rewarded in a way money could never do. In my opinion, contribution leads to happiness – and eventually, that means your own happiness.

And if you’re not sure now how you could be (more) supportive – start small. Don’t impose yourself upon anybody (that’s not necessary and hardly ever appreciated), but be attentive and approachable. Even listening to somebody attentively can already go a long way!

Just one last thing: As great as supporting each other is – make sure to set your personal boundaries and know your capacity. Because the same way you can’t phone with an uncharged phone, you can’t help anyone if your energy levels have hit rock bottom, okay? Before you can give to anybody, you need to make sure you’re doing well yourself (that’s very important!). But once you’re there, become stronger and help to make others feel the same way!






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