How to Overcome the Morning Blues

It’s nearly 9 o’clock in the morning and today, I don’t feel particularly energised. Experiencing some morning blues, if you want. You know this state of mind when you simply don’t feel like doing anything at all that day really? Yup, that’s me now. But I have exams around the corner and better get going if I don’t want to risk blowing this thing up. And I’m sure, the last time you felt this way, you surely had some important things on your to-do-list as well. Because unfortunately, those lacking-in-drive moments hardly ever come with a convenient timing. But the good news is: With a few simple tricks you can rewire your brain and make this day a good day after all! Three simple steps (to be repeated as often as needed) is all it takes:

Root cause: Why am I feeling sluggish? If it’s due to physical or medical reasons take the appropriate steps. But if it’s a mental state of mind kind of problem, try to figure out what has happened today so far. Have you woken up after a bad dream? Has anyone upset you on your commute? Did you spill your coffee? Were you running late? Whatever it was – it’s the past. It’s over already! So, why do still focus all your energy on this thing? Let it go. And move on. You can’t change the past anyway so, you might as well focus on the now. Save your energy and nerves for better things.


First things first: Now, after having dealt with the past and put it ad acta, it’s time to really start the day. To set your mood, go and get some freshly brewed coffee or tea (walk there). Put on some feel-good music. Open the window for a minute and breathe in the fresh air. Make a totally do-able list of things you want to get done today (start small, you can always add up later). Relax your forehead. And your eyebrows. Take a few deep breaths. Be in the moment (make yourself aware of your current surroundings, sounds, smells, how your body feels). Now have a sip of your delicious beverage. And there we go – you’re all re-set.

Last but now least, all there’s left to do now is: Kick some ass!


This kind of things work for me 95% of the time. Feel free to adjust to your individual needs or preferences wherever needed – it’s all about finding out what works best for you. Today is one of 365 days this year. You might as well make the most of it! And by “the most” I don’t mean, try to be perfect – just be yourself, give it your best and that’s it. You are enough. Far more than enough. You’re freaking awesome!



One thought on “How to Overcome the Morning Blues

  1. Hello Laura ,

    As you said in your post , we all are humans and its very normal to feel awkward in some mornings. i guess overcoming that starts with that kind of way of view. what we can do is in our hands. searching for our passions , things love to do could be better options rather than worrying about this blues. It is good to go with the flow , we should not dwell on the past .. My morning routine is drinking a cup of water with apple vinegar or lemon. Then reading a lovely book and having a freh breakfast. Thank you for reminding us that we could have all that blues and are able to overcome it.

    Blessings ,



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