How to Be More Motivated and Kick Ass

You know what’s great? Waking up in the morning and being totally ready for the day. You know what’s great too? Waking up in the morning, not being ready for the day but changing the game and getting ready for it. And “feeling ready” is the kind of motivation we need to achieve great things, right? Being energised, positively-minded, confident and ready to go for it. In general, motivation plays a key role in getting shit done and being productive – so, in today’s post I want to share with you a few of the things that help me get to this point and be motivated. Of course, some of the tips might work out better for you than others, but figuring these out might give you the necessary boost you sometimes need! So, here are my 5 main tips to be motivated and productive:

Be your own cheerleader: You can’t expect people to be super-confident and optimistic about you if you aren’t believing it yourself. Make sure to really believe in your ability to achieve things – and it’ll show on the outside. It’s just a different kind of attitude that people will recognise. And if you should struggle to be confident enough to but this badass-kind of attitude on display – fake it till you make it honey. Because even in doing so, you’ll benefit from it. It’ll slowly but surely sink in and help you grow the necessary strength. Isn’t this super-cool? Also, make sure to write down short and inspirational quotes or things that boost your confidence and hang them where you can see them.

Recognise your achievements: This is very important. If you get things done and achieve your goals make sure to acknowledge them appropriately. Even if they’re tiny – they’re still achievements! And being aware of all the things you can achieve will give you quite a boost- sometimes, the one needed to achieve even greater things.


Give every day the chance to be a good one: This tackles the issue of “having a bad day” that I already mentioned earlier. This phrase is far too often used as an excuse for not having to make an effort that day. “Oh, I’m having a bad day so, I really can’t be bothered with this or that” – why not? If it’s bad, change it, make it a good day. It’s in your hands! And even if it was one of those days when – literally – the whole world seems to be working against you – stop, breathe, have a cup of delish brew or tea and pause for a moment. And then, focus on small things you can make work that day. And again, even if it’s only a little something – it counts.

Don’t overwhelm yourself: Another important – maybe obvious – thing to remember, is to be realistic about what you’re expecting from the world and mostly yourself. Take small and achievable steps in order to reach your goals. That way, you’ll make sure to stay on track and not give up so quickly because something feels impossible or overwhelming.

Find supportive or like-minded people: I’m not going to lie to you – besides being my own cheerleader, I also very much appreciate other people’s support. It sometimes just gives you this extra-boost that you need. So, make sure to surround yourself with positive, supportive and inspirational people – and get rid of any toxic relationships you might have. Not only will they not be of any help, but sometimes they unconsciously play a significant role in holding you back from achieving things and feel motivated. Just keep that in mind.

Those are the most important things I can think of at the moment. Remembering and using them has helped me a lot on a daily basis. And of course, I hope they will do the same thing for you! Let me know what you think, what your experiences are and also what your tips for motivation are!




Photos by Lars Karlsson

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