How to Strengthen Your Body For Life

We have all heard it a thousand times (at least) before: Working out, exercising, doing sports – whatever you want to call it – is good for you. And you know what? It’s simply the truth. To get moving has so many proven benefits that I don’t even know where to start. Of course, there are also a few things to take into consideration when choosing your preferred sort of exercising and the frequency you’re trying to keep up with.

But let’s start at the very beginning: The bed, the sofa, in front of the TV, computer or smartphone. That’s where we like to spend time. And that’s totally fine. But it’s not exactly physically healthy. Mostly if doing so in a slouchy position. And the occasionally walk to the toilet or fridge can’t really be counted as ‘exercise’, can it? So, interrupting those relaxed moments with bursts of physical activity will not only wake up your body – it will also strengthen your muscles, oil your engine, flush out bad substances by sweating, train your heart and lungs, keep your bones and joints fit and last but not least release that endorphin rush to make you happy! Aren’t all those things motivation enough to get going? Oh, I forgot to mention one more thing: You will look and feel amazing too!

Therefore, that workout you should be doing can be seen as an investment in your future! Maintaining your full physical potential will automatically result in a far stronger base to start from when aging. And even if you would already consider yourself a little more mature, sports can always help slowing down any ‘degradation processes‘ (uh, this term might sound a little harsh – but you know what I mean). And by workout I don’t mean any specific kind of exercise – as long as you are moving, you’re benefitting. This can be as easy as going for a longer walk outside, go to work by bike, squat while brushing your teeth or do a few push- or sit-ups while waiting for the kettle to boil. Get creative! Not every workout takes place in a gym, find your own perfect fit by looking for something that a) gets your blood pumping (and gets you sweating if possible) and b) you enjoy doing. And the second part is very important – there are endless options to choose from, make sure you find one you really enjoy – because this will make it far easier for you to keep it up!

In terms of how many times per week and what duration, there isn’t really a one-fits-it-all solution I can give you – if you push through a HIIT workout in 20 minutes it can have the same effect as one hour on the treadmill. Make it work according to your schedule, possibilities and needs. Again: Where there is a will, there is a way. And honestly, if you should happen to fall off the bandwagon or can’t make it to a class or your personal gym one day – don’t freak out about it. Just get back on track in that very moment. Your body isn’t a short-term construction site – it’s a life-long project. Therefore, it’s always worth getting back moving – anytime. And don’t rush, take your time figuring out what works best for you.

Ultimately, one last thing: Please try to work on your posture! Try keeping your back straight and your tummy sucked in. I see so many people neglecting their posture and back – and additionally have heard so many words of warning in medical lectures about the remote damages. It’s SO worth paying a little more attention! And with that, I’ll leave you to it and wish you a very happy day!



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