Would you consider yourself to be a good listener? If so, congrats. But I guess, the vast majority of us could do even better. Because I feel like most of the time, we’re so busy trying to figure out how to deliver the message – that we oversee the importance of taking in the message.

Communication is a two-side affair. That’s no news. But – nevertheless, very often, one side of it is given far more attention than the other one. And that’s not even meant in a selfish way, I think. It’s more about people trying to keep up with their life’s tasks, challenges and pressure. Communicating in order to get one step closer to the goal. Whatever this might be. It’s only logical and we all do it.

But those of us, who actually manage to achieve their goals even sooner, have acquired the ability to do very well at both. They’re simply being more efficient. And not only are the more efficient, but probably happier too. Because listening does not only bring valuable information for yourself but also about the person across the table. And maybe – just speculating here – you’d like to have a better understanding for this human being? Maybe, that’s because it’s a family member, your partner, a friend, a colleague or a stranger you’ve just met. Communication doesn’t only serve one purpose – to get you what you want – it’s the essence of interpersonal relationships and ultimately community. And even though, nowadays many people are very self-involved and believe to be responsible for their success themselves (which is partly true!) – I’m of the opinion that community has always played an important role for mankind and it always will. So, don’t underestimate the power of people around you. And this doesn’t take much – listening to them would be a good start!

Listening is a free good. Yes, it’s free – so, make as much use of it as you want! And not only is it free, but it will benefit you in so many ways! You can avoid so many misunderstandings and mistakes by just listening more carefully. You will strengthen your relationships. People will feel being taken more seriously and valued. You will be seen as more accountable by remembering what people have told you. And it will ultimately lead to you being appreciated even more – something that will increase your happiness and confidence. And just by the way – you will learn a lot.

Thanks for reading (listening) and as always, let me know what you think about this topic in the comments or send me an e-mail. I always love hearing from you!



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