Living (In) The Moment

Have you ever thought or been told that you should live more consciously, be more mindful and ‘just enjoy the moment’? And has anyone ever told you how you could do so? Aha. The same was the case for me – so, I had to learn it by myself (and still learning). And honestly, I feel like everybody needs to figure this out individually somehow – because there simply isn’t a one-fits-it-all solution.

But being mindful and living more consciously aren’t just meaningless phrases to make somebody sound more sophisticated. At least that’s not their actual purpose (even though, this sometimes appears to be the only meaning some people see in it, without actually understanding its deeper sense). You can easily tell the difference between those having a deeper understanding for the meaning of those phrases and those using them as terms for wishful thinking or to sound more sophisticated. That’s not meant in a mean way or anything – I’m just observing. And truth be told: To be mindful takes a lot of effort and practice for most of us! As ironical as it sounds – the simplest thing for little kids has become one of the most challenging things in adulthood today.

I have experienced it myself (and still am) so many times before: Life is speeding along! And since it’s the same conclusion most elderly people (who have known different times) come to as well – I guess, it’s not just made up to say that life has gained quite some speed and has become more hectic and stressful over the past few decades. And therefore, it has become more important than ever to really live. Because if we don’t, life will have just passed and there is nothing really to remember. That sounds depressing, doesn’t it? Because it is. And so many people are living towards this result. And that’s why it’s so important to take action. Don’t be one of them – gain back control over your life – live! And you know what? It might be a challenge at first, but it’s not that hard. Everyone can do it – you can do it!

But I won’t leave you here like you’ve probably been left like so many times before: Let me share with you some of the things that have helped me to feel more aware and present in the very moment.

Zoom out: It sounds like a weird thing to do and I honestly don’t know how easy or challenging this might be, but try to zoom out by going somewhere in the back of your head and see yourself in the very situation your in – sitting somewhere or standing, take note of your surroundings.

Breathe: Try to breathe in and out a few times (deep breaths).

Smell: When was the last time you’ve consciously smelled your surroundings? As for me, I’m not a very smell-focused person so, by really focusing on this sense I feel far more present.

Feel those body parts: This is an Oldie but Goldie. Start at the top, start at the bottom – it doesn’t really matter. But while moving through your body, try to feel the sensations in your limbs, on your skin. Fell the blood pumping, your heart beating, the lungs filling with air and maybe some kind of warmth spreading.

Stretching: For my part, stretching helps me a lot to become more aware of all my body parts. This helps especially after long hours of sitting or several days without working out. You can do some simple stretching or some Yoga – whatever feels best.

Say ‘Hi’: This might sound funny at first, but sometimes just saying ‘Hi’ to myself – kind of recognising myself – goes a long way.

These are some of my most frequently used tools to get in touch and be more mindful. I hope they helped you to get a better picture or gave you some ideas! Let me know what you found helpful or any strategies you have developed! I’m curious.



5 thoughts on “Living (In) The Moment

      1. Honestly the part about yoga/stretching has definitely been a huge help for me when I take the time to do it! As a mom, the biggest thing though is finding ways to structure some down time/quiet time into every day. Otherwise, calming yoga doesn’t even have a chance to happen! Or reading or contemplative prayer (also something that helps me a lot) or basically anything that allows me to relax in the moment. So yeah, making sure I have at least an hour to myself each day, if I can… and then making sure to spend it away from my phone/computer. It’s hard to be mindful of the reality right in front of me when all I’m doing is watching a virtual reality scroll past on a screen. 🙂

        Also, I love just cuddling with my cat! Again, helps me focus on the physical reality in front of me.

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      2. Totally see your point regarding the time issues – but I’m sure you’re doing a great job at being a wonderful mum! And about the screen vs. mindfulness thing: I wish I could say, I always manage to stay away from those screens. But hey, as long as you’re still conscious about your surroundings and don’t forget how to actually live in general, I think we’re just fine. Loved hearing your tips! xxx

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