Everybody, get out!

Today is a beautiful day. It’s spring here in Switzerland and we’re on the verge of the explosion – the moment when all the buds open and leaves and blossoms emerge in all their beauty. Fresh, full of energy, bright green and all colours of the rainbow. It’s the moment those sleeping beauties have waited for all winter – magical! But no matter, whether it’s spring or autumn (or any other season for that matter) where you are – there is always something happening to observe and enjoy.

And chances are, that you’re too busy to actually notice. And that’s such a pity! We’re spending far too little time outside in nature. And that’s true for myself too! It’s the days that I do manage to go outside and breathe some fresh air, in which I notice how much I have missed it. And whether you’ve grown up in a big city or in the countryside – the outsides are an awesome place to be, wherever you are. And therefore, I feel like we should be more conscious about all the advantages it brings. It’s not only about the fresh air – it’s also about your vitamin D production (and therefore immune system), your cardiovascular health (due to moving your body), phytohormones (in case you’re into hugging trees), mindfulness and presence in the moment (when enjoying what’s actually going on around you) and last but not least: Happiness. Because going outside just makes you feel good overall.

And if you agree until here, but unfortunately don’t have enough time to go outside every day: Don’t worry. Nobody is talking about living outside. But consider investing as much time as possible in spending time in nature – take a stroll around the neighbourhood, get off the bus one station earlier and walk the rest, have your cup of joe on the terrace or balcony, take your work outside, open the window. There are so many ways – get creative!

As for me, I’m off now – taking my dog for a walk on this incredibly beautiful spring day. Have a relaxing and fun weekend and let me know your thoughts in the comments below or send me a message! Always happy to hear about your experiences and opinions!



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