Everyday Evolution & You

Do you know that feeling when you finally think you have found your style, the right and balanced nutrition, the perfect skin care regimen or perfected your organisation skills? That’s an awesome feeling. It’s satisfying and causes an instant rush of happiness. You feel like your totally in control over your life – and sometimes that’s just so nice.

But I’m sure you also know those days, when everything seems to run through your fingers like sand and you simply can’t wrap your head around what’s happening in your life (all at once of course). You’re late for a project, you don’t seem to have anything to wear, there is this soul-sucking pimple on your chin, you feel sluggish or you’re currently mainly relying on fast-food. We’ve all been there. It happens to the most ‘perfect’ people. And sometimes it’s not even as bad as your life crumbling apart, but it’s already enough for you to just not feel quite well or satisfied about certain aspects of your life anymore. This also is totally normal. Maybe you could even call it a good thing…

Because those moments when things are not working out the way you want them to – you’re forced to do something about it. And change is always a chance! You might simply re-install and fix your previous approach or attitude – but chances are that this time you’ll already be dealing with an improved version of yourself! For example, if you try to get back into your workout routine – you might make a new plan and therefore you have to reset your priorities and preferences of what kind of exercises you want to do. For example, you want to incorporate more running outside and less of the treadmill work because that was too boring last time and made you give up. Et voilà – there you have an already improved plan. Or foodwise, if you want to get back on track with making healthier food choices – you might think about what made you fall off track last time: Were you restricting yourself too much? Wasn’t there enough variety? Since you want to be back on it, you’ll certainly think about how to make it work this time – and this again will cause improvement!

And all of this happening only because something did not work out as planned. Isn’t that ironic? And since there will always be things not working out well, you’ll have many, many chances to become an even better ‘you’. So much room for improvement! It’s the most natural thing to happen therefore, embrace change and give it the chance to improve your life and become a better version of yourself! Therefore, if you’re confronted with an issue bothering you – try to change your perspective on it and make it your chance.



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