Sun Fun & Protection

How to enjoy sunshine

Finally, summer is calling – and we’re all ears! Not too long to go and we’ll be spending a lot of time outside – chilling in the hammock or on the grass, relaxing at the lake, enjoying a drink in a street café or bar, endless yummy barbecues and of course getting that summer glow!

I personally can’t wait. And even though all those things are a lot of fun – getting skin cancer isn’t. I know, that’s a brutal interruption now, but it’s also reality. And no, I won’t be telling you about skin cancer in detail now – that would be too depressing. Instead, I would like to talk about some basic facts and easy hacks on how not to end up with serious skin damage at the end of summer to ruin your summer memories. Because we want to keep them fresh, happy, alive and just as fabulous as they are, right? It’s not that hard after all, but definitely worth keeping in mind. So, let’s get right into it:

Fun facts:

  • They sunrays we’re receiving have a very wide range – the ones most often talked about being dangerous are UV rays (0-380nm wave length, the number describes the distance be-tween the waves)
  • There are three main categories of UV rays: UV-A (shortest wave length), UV-B and UV-C (longest wave length)
  • UV-A are the most troublesome, because they cause direct damage to our DNA and there-fore promotes melanoma (skin cancer)
  • UV-B is very important for vitamin D synthesis in the skin cells
  • Too much of UV-B damages the cells and leads to increased melanin (pigment) production – you ‘get a tan’
  • UV rays can degenerate protein in your skin (e.g. collagen) and therefore cause your skin to sag and make it age faster
  • ‘SPF’ means Sun Protection Factor (the number multiplied with your natural protection time (about 10 mins for medium skin colour) gives you the protection time in total) and of-ten only refers to UV-B rays (make sure to check for a product that includes UV-A, should be at least 1/3)

Conclusion so far: The sun holds quite a bit of risky traits and will definitely have you burn for falling asleep in that super-sunny spot for a while. But on the other hand, the sun is essential for survival, feels very nice on the skin (in moderation), makes you happy and is therefore an awesome friend! It’s just all about moderation really. As with everything.

Easy Hacks:

  • Slather on that SPF every morning and make sure to update throughout the day (I know, I sometimes forget too – but after all it’s most certainly worth it)
  • Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated (give it back something)
  • The shade is your friend too – you can totally spend a bit of time directly exposed to the sun (enjoy!), but not for too long in order to prevent yourself from being roasted alive (which happens faster than you might think)
  • Sunnies do not only look cool and effortlessly stylish, they’re also doing a very good job at protecting your eyes – so, rock those sunnnies hun!
  • One of the probably easiest ways, to make sure you’re always on top of your sun protection game, is to incorporate it into your morning routine – by making it a habit to put on that SPF you don’t need to remember it every single day but are still protected

With that being said, you should be well-informed and ready to hit the beach, park or whatever place you like to spend time outside – enjoy! Oh, and in case you have a few spare minutes before running outside now – make sure to leave a comment or send me a message about your own experiences and hacks – always happy to hear from you!



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