Zero Waste – Wait What?

Okay guys so, I have recently come across the topic of Zero Waste – it really seems to be a thing nowadays – and I must admit, I’m a little hooked! I mean picture it: What if we wouldn’t produce hardly any waste anymore? What dream of a sustainable system would this be? Of course, … Continue reading Zero Waste – Wait What?

Be minimalistic

Minimalism is very trendy right now – be it in interior design, your wardrobe or as a lifestyle. But there are as many definitions as there are ways of doing it. Some people have a rather extreme and drastic approach to it, others only make small adjustments or change certain aspects of their life. The … Continue reading Be minimalistic

Compulsory Consumption

Hi guys, so today I would like to look at an issue very much everybody is affected by: Compulsory consumption. The world we live in makes us believe that we need certain things to achieve happiness – that having a lot of money to buy all that awesome stuff, will make us happy. Because that’s … Continue reading Compulsory Consumption