Be minimalistic

Minimalism is very trendy right now – be it in interior design, your wardrobe or as a lifestyle. But there are as many definitions as there are ways of doing it. Some people have a rather extreme and drastic approach to it, others only make small adjustments or change certain aspects of their life. The … Continue reading Be minimalistic

R.I.P. Blender

You were loyal. You were doing an amazing job at dealing with all sorts of stuff I gave you. You even made the special ingredients blend in perfectly well. You were a good team player – in shining armour. You were giving so much. You were always supportive. You got rather old as well – … Continue reading R.I.P. Blender


Have you ever felt (literally) like people were talking about you behind your back? I’m sure you have. Everybody has experienced being gossiped about at some point in their lives. And that’s not even horrible or anything – people just like to talk. But what really matters is how much it means to you. Nowadays … Continue reading Gossiping

Compulsory Consumption

Hi guys, so today I would like to look at an issue very much everybody is affected by: Compulsory consumption. The world we live in makes us believe that we need certain things to achieve happiness – that having a lot of money to buy all that awesome stuff, will make us happy. Because that’s … Continue reading Compulsory Consumption